Great year ahead for us in 2011

Kilifi Kids has a remarkable 2010 and 2011 will be even bigger.

In 2010, we kicked off our mHealth pilot by connecting rural clinics with mobile phones in late spring.  After a successful fundraising drive, we sent a 4-person team to Kenya in July to meet the Ministry of Health and build our solution.  In November, we attended the mHealth Summit in Washington and expanded our network of experts in public health and technology.  Today, we await good news from the Rotary Foundation on a $60,000 grant for a massive expansion of our pilot to help 25,000.  All of this is on top of de-worming 28,000 children each year and providing 40 students a high school education.  

Kilifi Kids could really use your help today to do even greater good in 2011!  As we grow, we need specialists to develop our solutions and build awareness.  Specifically, we encourage you to visit our site where we are actively recruiting our next generation of leaders:

Be a part of our magic!

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