Picking up Steam – What We’re Doing with Cell Phones

Our mHealth pilot is picking up steam.  Phase 1 of our project began last July (2010), where we deployed cell phones to approximately 20 health facilities throughout the Kilifi District (about half of total) to improve the reporting of disease surveillance.  Our Phase 2 has officially kicked off this past July (2011) and will go much further in improving health outcomes and providing greater access to Kilifi’s residents.Specifically, we are working closely with Medic Mobile to get the Past 2 project off the ground.  Medic Mobile is serving as our technical partner and is providing their expertise in software development, CHW training and deployment, long-term remote support, and evaluation of the interventions.  They will work in close collaboration with our Kilifi leaders, Jonathan Mativo and Benjamin Tsofa, to ensure that we are meeting our objectives and timeline for the project.Our work is centered on a number of use cases that focus on improving the communication between community health workers (CHWs) and the District Hospital, including:

  • CHWs can be notified of health facility meeting times
  • CHWs can be notified of vaccination days to mobilize communities
  • Health facilities can provide feedback to CHW questions
  • CHEWs (Community Health Extension Workers; our volunteers) can request follow-up sessions for HIV/TB/Antenatal cases
  • CHWs can request emergency services of the District Hospital
  • CHWs can provide referrals for malnutrition, malaria, pneumonia cases

Simultaneously, we plan to equip the District Hospital with a basic electronic health record system that can identify and monitor the health of patients that are cared for by the District Hospital and CHWs in the community.

Jonathan Mativo is leading the work on the ground and is a former President of Kilifi Rotary and new Project Manager for Medic Mobile.  He will be able to give us regular reports on the progress of our pilot and future work.  We’re excited for the full roll-out of this phase and will be sure to keep the information flowing.

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