Introducting Kesho: Partnering to Educate Kilifi Youth

When Kilifi Kids asked Kesho nearly 4 years ago if we would extend our work to sponsor up to 50 African children through secondary school with funds from Rotary International (Vinnings and Kilifi Clubs) we were very honoured to be a part of such a great vision, and we were also a bit daunted, to be honest.  At that time we were a very small voluntary committee with no office, no employees and no immediate thoughts of expansion and there we were saying “YES” to a programme which would double our student sponsorships almost overnight!  But it was an exciting time, the need for educational support in Kilifi is huge and we were delighted to have the opportunity of extending our support that bit further and to be able to say “YES” to more students and families in need of help in going to school.

Since those days we’ve come a long way; we’re now sponsoring 260 African children, 33 of whom are sponsored entirely through the fundraising and support of Rotary Kilifi Kids; we also have an office and 4 members of staff.   Rotary not only provide the funds for students, members of Kilifi Rotary Club also give a lot of support towards mentoring them and offering sound academic advice.

Our philosophy remains strong; we sponsor students, who without financial backing would drop out or not enrol in school at all.  Receiving school fees is only the start of their journey with us.  Poverty where ever you are in the world, is complicated and students face a lot of challenges at home and at school.  Through our “Enrichment Programme” Kesho offers a whole host of additional support and encouragement to help students find a clear path through and so make the most of this opportunity.  It’s obvious really, but is probably the most challenging part of the work we do.

This holiday we’ve a great programme of events ahead for students.  Academic advice from peers and mentors is top of the list as always and Kilifi Rotary Club will be actively engaged with advising and listening to the students sponsored by KilifiKids.  In addition we have seminars in the core subjects, a First Aid Workshop by the Red Cross, and, the highlight of the year, the Kesho Careers Fair on 20th August. We’re expecting 40 or so professionals again from a wide range of careers from carpenters and welders to doctors and lawyers. Over 250 students from Kesho, Moving the Goal Posts and other local organisations are planning to come.  It will be terrific.

With Kesho the only organisation in the area providing career advice, you can imagine how popular this annual event has become.

Members of Kilifi Rotary Club and Kilifi Kids will be ‘manning’ several of the desks and once again, we’re hugely grateful for their support.

Watch this space/blog for more news on the Careers Fair and other Kesho activities in the months to come…

If you’d like to sponsor a child directly, support our enrichment programmes or would like to find out more about Kesho please follow any of these leads:

Email us on:
Visit our website:  (Please don’t confuse us with KenyaKesho!)
Visit us in Kilifi – Ask for Jacob’s Uniform Shop – we’re above that!

-Kate Nokes
Project Manager
Kesho Kenya

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