First Class of Kilifi Students Graduate!

In 2007, Kilifi Kids began sponsoring, through Kesho Organisation, really bright secondary students from Kilifi and Ganze districts, who without financial support, would have had to drop out of school due to poverty.   The first cohort of 12 students graduated at the end of last year (2011) and they did really well, out-performing most of their peers.  (1 x B+ ; 3 x B; 2 x B-; 1 x C+; 3 x C; 1 x C-; 1 x D+).

What these results mean in practice is that 3 (25%) will qualify for Government assisted places at university early next year and 6 (50%) will meet the grade necessary to enroll on a Diploma course at a college locally.  These are excellent results when you consider the district average for University is 2% and for College 8%.  These students are now well on the way to having a successful future ahead and stand a very good chance of breaking the cycle of poverty in their families and help future Kenyan and African children.  Investing in bright young adults can really make a difference!

Leaving school marks another beginning with some difficult decisions ahead.  Ultimately, Kesho’s students make their own choices and take the lead in deciding their future paths.  Our role is more to facilitate the process so as to keep them firmly in the driving seat.   Kesho offers secondary school leavers assistance to access employment and courses of further study.  We advise on their options and help them seek employment by giving interview practice, career advice and promoting job vacancies and scholarships which we hear about.  We also provide further sponsorship for those offered places at university and those wishing to apply for college.  You can read more about our school leaver enrichment programme on our website:

In February we hosted an IT and Entrepreneurship training programme run by DOTKenya for one month in our resource centre.  It was for all secondary school leavers and included, therefore the twelve Kilifi Kids students.  It was a really successful programme and 22 out of the 28 eligible students completed the course.   Several students gave power point presentations on their business ideas which was really very impressive.  It has been great to see some of the students returning to practice their skills on the computer and indeed one girl is coming in regularly to enter her cash flow for her new business venture selling cakes.  The first of many we hope!  You can read more about it on our blog:

Of the 21 KilifiKids who are still at secondary school, we continue to be impressed with their progress and look forward to following their successes over the coming years.

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