Vibrancy rooted in Kilifi Rotary Leadership

A close and candid look into our projects and work in Kenya would easily narrate to you the strength of our partners in Kilifi -The Rotary Club of Kilifi. With partnership dating back in the 2008/2009 the club leadership has been one without measure, dedicated and vibrant. A visit to any of their club meetings will tell you a lot and will for sure leave you with no questions on its vibrancy both in membership, project types and leadership.

This post profiles the club leadership/ presidents for the last five years and the projects initiated therein.

2008/2009 – Dr Lucy Ochola -Health Researcher

Past President Lucy Ochola

Taking over from John Abwao and Janet Midega the core team that oversaw the establishment of the Kilifi -Vinings relationship, Lucy steered the club to great heights and initiated a number of projects including the famous de-worming project. Her term saw her install a number of schools with water tanks for both rain water harvesting and extension of pipelines. By the end of Lucy’s term it was a great pace that the next president had to manage.

2009/2010 – Jonathan M Mativo, Information Technology Specialist

Past President Jonathan Mativo

Taking over from a Health researcher was an easy job looking at Lucy’s legacy. Jonathan’s term was thus categorised with an increase in membership and saw the initiation of the first ever technology based project -the mHealth or m-Health (using mobile phones to fight malnutrition). Within the same term the club developed it first draft strategic plan which was to steer the club for three years running. Important personalities helped the drafting and dissemination and within this our 2011/2012 President Dr Tsofa was to be nominated.

2010/2011 -Alex Maina, Library Specialist

Past President Alex Maina

Whenever you visit any of the clubs meeting, an eloquent English speaker full of humour would always be easily noticed. Alex with his outstanding checks and balances and a no-nonsense character saw the clubs vibrancy increase with lots of membership attendance. Injecting more ideas into the management of the club Alex saw the club board meet almost every week to streamline issues. Top on the wall of fame is a sanitation project initiated by Alex that saw the construction of a fabulous VIP latrine block for Ngamani Primary school. The president in waiting that time Dr Benjamin Tsofa sat in as the Sargent at arms ensuring that he fitted well within the presidents line up.

2011/2012 – Dr. Benjamin Tsofa, Medical Doctor

Club President, Dr Benjamin Tsofa

Dr Tsofa’s history in community service dates back before him joining Rotary. He is a former DMOH Kilifi district and during his time in office saw RC Kilifi engage in a number of agreements with the Ministry of Health. Ever outgoing and a problem solver Dr Tsofa joined the presidency and all engagements with the government ministries became too easy for the club. Up to date he is re-known for his professional approach to partnerships and conflict resolution especially in the development world. While in office Dr Tsofa ensured that the strategic plan was done to completion and has prepared the president elect in readiness for take over in July, 2012. Dr Tsofa remains an icon establishing an array to key projects and unlocking deadlocks within the de-worming, mhealth and community health worker support, and other projects. In the coming year he will be in-charge of the Rotary Foundation  and is very keen in establishing new projects that are in line with the strategic plan that comes to an end during his term.

2012/2013 President Elect, Thomas Muli- Finance Specialist

President Elect, Thomas Muli

The new year starting July 2013, will see a new president get into office. Thomas, a re-known banker working with Barclays bank, Kilifi will be getting the mantle to steer the club into the next level. Top on his agenda is to increase the club membership to an ambitious figure of 50 members. Strict to detail, Thomas foresees the club growth being his core target in the coming year. “I will surprise members ” is always a statement he repetitively makes. Welcome President Elect, Thomas Muli.

The success of the various presidents possibly would not have been as vibrant were it not for the relenting support and commitment of one of the club founding members (Dr. Charles Mbogo, Medical Researcher) who is always present to ensure that the club is within limits.

Dr Chalres Mbogo, the “father of the club” (as commonly buffered) has been the cornerstone of the club and has seen the club through all the phases. Attending all the district conferences in the district and attaining a Paul Harris Fellow recognition has always made the club proud of Daktari (Doctor) Mbogo.

Though the leadership has been outstanding the diversity of membership in their professions, interests, Age and abilities has been the cornerstone to the success in executing the clubs projects and sustaining the partnership.

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