Greetings from new Community Director!

My name is Rita Ombaka. I’m the new volunteer Community Director for the Kilifi Kids blog. If this is the first blog post you are reading, I’d like to welcome you, and thank you for joining us to learn more about life in Kilifi, Kenya and the work that Kilifi Kids is doing there and around the world. And for those of you, who are returning visitors, please accept my personal thanks for your invaluable continued support!

Although I was not born in Kilifi, I grew up there and consider it my home when in Kenya. I am currently a student at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon and make an effort to visit my family in Kilifi every summer. I have been fortunate enough to have experience in administrative duties from internships in notable Non-profits such as Business for Culture & the Arts in Oregon and the Lincoln Center for performing Arts in New York. I also hold leadership roles in my college as the current Vice President of International Students. Some of my personal accomplishments have been bringing donated stationary from Oregon to primary school students in Kenya. My true passion lies in not only helping mission-driven not-for-profit organizations reach their full potential, with their help of their supporters but also bringing development back home to Kilifi.

I join Kilifi Kids with that goal in mind, hoping to bring you insight into the work that our dedicated staff and volunteers around the world are undertaking to eradicate childhood malnutrition and improve public health. Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll be hearing more from me and a number of new contributors, not only about the work of our organization, but also about major advances in international development, public health, mobile health technology and leadership success throughout the Kilifi community and beyond. A new addition to the blog will be an inside story to what life in Kilifi is like.

Our hope is always that this be an immersive, interactive and participatory process. If there are topics which you’d like to hear more about, people you’d like to hear from, or if you have inquiries or comments, please feel free to air them, either via the comments section of our blog, or by finding us on Twitter at @KilifiKids or Facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you again for being a part of our community.

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