Our first perspective training in Mtwapa is showing very promising interim baselines survey data as I noticed a rise in turn out of male CHWs.

The male CHWs showed a lot of interest during the training and really contributed a lot in terms of co-operation and genuine curiosity during facilitation. The facilitators were impressed with the depth of magnitude and interest that the male CHWs questions had.
Since it was all about antenatal and immunization, It came as a surprise that the male CHWs were more involved when compared to the female CHWs. I remember one male CHW asking, “How would I know a woman is pregnant?” Katana, a fellow male CHW was quick to answer that, “Since CHWs reside within the assigned households, they are encouraged to have friendly relations with their neighbors. With this rapport, a woman will feel open enough to provide the information needed for registration purposes. Once we know her L. M. P and age, we can determine her E.D.D”. Katana impressed the whole crowd and provided not only inspiration but also knowledgeable facts that helped both genders of CHWs.

At the end of this weeklong training, the CHWs can easily explain importance of both ANC and immunization. They are equipped with necessary knowledge in the health field and handed materials to assist in the cause. An invaluable material that is distributed is a Nokia Phone (courtesy of Medic Mobile). With this, they can easily work within the projects while relaying information easily to administrators.

It is a priceless moment when ululation and laughter is heard during the end of the training. All the faces of the CHWs confirm a newfound hope and enthusiasm on all the things that they have learnt and the fact that they become essential in their contribution towards a better society

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