Our team has grown rapidly in the last year, from just our pilot Community Unit in Petanguo, Ganze District we now hold 4 other Community Units (CU) across the District. With the support of our product roadmap, we are able to build tools that health workers and patients need. Partnerships with the Rotary Club Kilifi, Medic Mobile and the Ministry Of Health (MOH) enable us to implement at scale.

It is 2pm in the afternoon when we decide to visit Sofia, a CHW at her home. Sofia is surprised to see us but she welcomes us- the Medic Mobile team and some Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWS) from the facility. She introduces herself to us and we are excited about her competency as she explains her role as a CHW. “Whenever I meet a pregnant woman”, Sofia says, “I start by asking her full name, LMP and by doing this I am able to register the pregnant woman by a text message by sending it to Ganze Health Facility.  The facility communicates back to me by sending me reminders on the pregnant woman’s next appointments. These reminders enable me to alert the pregnant woman making sure that she attends her next appointments. The same happens in registering the child for immunization.”

The loop never got complete as she took us to one of the households that she had a registered pregnant woman. We met the woman namely Grace who also really impressed us. Grace has 6 children and the youngest is 9 month old. What makes the story interesting is that she never took the first 4 children for immunization and she also never attended clinic schedules for the 4 children until Sofia came to her home and brought the good news of CHWs. “Honestly, I have seen great improvement in my young child’s growth and development”, states the pregnant mother, “and I too feel strong and well educated about my pregnancy thanks to Sofia, my CHW, I am fully encouraged and I now see the importance and need to go for the antenatal care and immunizations.”

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