Case Study: A Life You’re Changing

In the words of Janet Midega

“Georgina is from Mayowe in Ganze.  She is 14 years old and has 8 siblings.  Her mother has never had a job.  Her dad used to work, but is now retired.  She has 2 male siblings in high school and one in primary school.  Her dad supports her brothers in high school and says that he has no resources to take on another child in secondary school.  Georgina is enthusiastic about education.  She has been an active soccer player at her primary school and we identified her through Moving the Goalposts Kilifi [an organization in Kilifi that empowers girls through sports.]  She would like to be a doctor; she told us that math was her best subject.  She was admitted to St. Johns Girls Secondary School in the village of Kaloleni.”

In Georgina’s Own Words: