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Chief Financial Officer

Job Description:

We seek a Chief Financial Officer who will oversee the organization’s accounting and be the chief spokesman for all things finance.  The CFO also serves as a member on our Board of Directors, which is made up of accomplished Americans and Kenyan professionals.  Kilifi Kids is a non-profit focused on using mobile health (mhealth) to reduce malnutrition in young children and mothers in a way that can be franchised and globally scaled for millions in Africa. We empower local leaders to train volunteer community health workers (CHWs) to use mobile phones to improve information collection, analysis, and dissemination at the village level.  Our efforts happen on the ground in Kenya’s Coastal Province around Kilifi and soon to be in Makueni County, outside Nairobi.  The Chief Financial Officer is a key position in the organization and will help bring about this delivery transformation for millions in the coming years.


Time. We ask our CFO commit to regular meetings with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and our chief technology partner, Medic Mobile.  It will likely require 1-2 hours per week.  This is a non-paid position.

Experience. We seek an expert who is well versed in accounting and finance.  A CPA or finance professional is strongly preferred, who is comfortable going into the weeds (using Quickbooks) as well as explaining broad strokes to the non-financially minded.  Big Four or other large accounting experience is a plus.


Oversee all accounting and finance functions for the organization, in partnership with our accountant, Executive Director, and Board of Directors.

Create project budgets, negotiate with Ministries of Health and partners, and track expenditures.

Have regular monthly meetings with the Executive Director and Medic Mobile to review expenditures and finances.

Be a voice on the Board of Directors.

Assist in grant proposal development and partnership creation where needed.

Kilifi Kids Description:

Kilifi Kids improves access to basic health services and fights diseases for communities in most need, notably for mothers and children.  We seek to deliver high-impact, low-cost, and community-driven interventions that center of the frontlines of healthcare.  We concentrate our efforts on the community health worker and community-led interventions.  mHealth remains our focus today but we will seek any innovative, cost-effective opportunity to meet our mission.  Our geographic focus is Kenya but we believe other communities can be served by our organization.  We are in the process of covering a quarter million lives with our intervention, being one of the largest mHealth sites in the world.  





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