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Executive Director

Kilifi Kids is a non-profit that leverages mobile health (“mHealth”) innovations and technologies to decrease child mortality rates and improve health outcomes.  We empower local leaders to train volunteer community health workers (CHWs) to use mobile phones to improve information collection, analysis, and dissemination at the village level.

Our first mHealth intervention began in 2009 and centered on public health data reporting using cell phones for 40 community health leaders. Today, we have outfitted 450 hospital staff in Kilifi, Kenya with cell phones to track mothers and their kids, monitor child immunizations and antenatal checkups, and streamline emergency care for tens of thousands.  In the next six months, we expect to expand our pilot to nearly 1,000 community health workers to cover approximately 250,000 lives.  We are creating a cost-effective, high-impact model that we hope to be the largest pilot of its kind in the world.

We hope our new Executive Director will lead this project expansion.  Specifically, we seek an Executive Director to lead project management, staff training and volunteer recruitment, and partnership development related to the deployment of our mobile health interventions in Kilifi and future sites.


Commitment.  This is a full-time position but we are flexibility on different arrangements, depending on the candidate.  This position will also be affiliated and supported by the country office of Rotary International.

Location & Travel.  The ideal candidate would be willing to live in Kilifi, Kenya.  However, we are open to other locations like Nairobi but significant travel would be needed to ensure project goals are met.

Desired Profile. We seek a passionate and results-driven self-starter who:

  • Possesses technical expertise around technology and mobile health solutions and understands local culture;
  • Has a background in public health and worked closely with health organizations and Ministries of Health;
  • Has a university degree;
  • Effectively communicates to Kilifi Rotary, US partners, and other affiliated entities;
  • Is familiar with Rotary and its ideals;
  • Manages all projects and is comfortable with aggressive timelines, detailed work, and working with limited resources;  and
  • Exhibits independence and can be a self starter to advance projects and mission.


As the Kilifi Kids Executive Director, your duties include, but are not limited to, the following across monthly, quarterly, and annual timeframes:

  • Oversight of all Kilifi Kids projects, most notably the mHealth interventions in Kilifi and future expansions to other sites in Kenya and worldwide;
  • Skillfully represent Kilifi Kids and its partners to the Ministry of Health and other government agencies when negotiating and advancing our work;
  • Train community health workers and/or oversee other trainers affiliated;
  • Recruit volunteers and other supporters  in Kenya and elsewhere;
  • Write grants for funding of salary and future project work;
  • Review and manage the finances;
  • Set long-term strategy for the organization;
  • Oversees strategic and technical partnerships with organizations like Medic Mobile and its staff;
  • Support and organize publicity efforts;
  • Travel regularly to sites for evaluation and management; and
  • Communicate regularly to Kilifi Kids leadership and Kilifi Rotary on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


This position is paid, with a salary to be based on experience/expertise. The Kilifi Kids leadership team is dedicated to making every team member’s service as rewarding and fulfilling, allowing for great latitude to manage operations and interact with leading academic, business, public health, and technology leaders in Kenya and the United States.  The Executive Director will be reporting directly to the Board of Kilifi Kids.

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How to Apply:

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume/CV to by December 6th.  Interviews will take place shortly afterwards for qualified candidates.