Media Room

Want to read more about the stories and see the faces of Kilifi Kids? You’re in luck. Here are some recent marketing materials and presentations we put together to educate and promote awareness about Kilifi, Kenya and the work we are doing to meaningfully contribute to brighter futures.

Our First Annual Report:  This report details the first full year of operations for 2007-2008. Filled with pictures and stories of the children we’re helping, the report is an excellent starting point for those wanting to learn more about Kilifi Kids. [PDF Format]

mHealth Brochure:  A short brochure on the current mobile health campaign, targeted to Rotary clubs.  Learn about mobile phones in the developing world, how technology is changing lives, and what we envision our work to be in our current pilot. [PDF Format]

The Innovation of Service: A presentation we gave to 250 Rotarians on Kilifi Kids and how service is evolving.  Think technology + partnerships + social return = real results. [PowerPoint Format]

Power of a Quarter: A presentation given to 150 high school students in Atlanta, Georgia that show how easy it is to change a child’s life.  For a little more than a quarter, a child can get an extra month of schooling and live free of intestinal parasites. [PowerPoint Format]