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Publicity Director

Job Description:

We seek a volunteer Publicity Director to help us publicize a Kenya pilot project launch and build awareness and support to apply a franchise model to scale the effort globally.

We are an all-volunteer non-profit focused on using mobile health (mhealth) to reduce malnutrition in young children in a way that can be franchised and globally scaled. We empower local leaders to train volunteer community health workers (CHWs) to use mobile phones to improve information collection, analysis, and dissemination at the village level.

Our efforts happen on the ground in Kenya’s Coastal Province around Kilifi. The mHealth work will be done mainly by committed CHWs in the rural communities and will be managed by Rotary International volunteer leadership. There are 32,000+ Rotary clubs worldwide. Our model involves working with Rotary to franchise our solution globally.

As Publicity Director, you will lead our media, news, and conference outreach program.


Time. We ask our Publicity Director to commit 2-3 hours / week to the project.

Ambition. We seek a motivated, passionate, results-driven self-starter that provides the timely, targeted high profile publicity to build project awareness and support.

Connected. We seek a socially connected expert experienced and willing to embrace a range of publicity outreach across industry, academia, media, and government.

Advocacy. There are many voices in non-profit and mobile health care. What separates Kilifi Kids? You will work with the team to hone, package, and articulate this story.


As the Kilifi Kids outreach advocate, your goals cover the following across monthly, quarterly, and annual timeframes.

Plan & execute quarterly goals w/Community and Production Directors

Media and Press – build Kilifi Kids leadership press relationships at major media, nationally (e.g. CNN, 60 Minutes, New York Times, etc.) and globally (e.g. BBC)

Conferences & Events – create the conference calendar and secure Kilifi Kids guest speaker, panel, presentation, booth, etc. presence at them.

Blogger Outreach – create blogger outreach program and build relationships

Celebrity Outreach – plan, identify and secure celebrity endorsements / support

Creative Awareness Campaigns – e.g. Kilifi Kids birthday promotion


This position is unpaid. The Kilifi Kids leadership team is dedicated to making every team member’s service as rewarding and fulfilling, including skill building across the following:

Results. We will help you define and execute upon monthly, quarterly, and annual program goals that directly impact child nutrition, health, and wellbeing.

Network. We will ensure this experience provides you deep and broad network at the intersection of international policy, technology, and health care leadership.

Access. Kilifi Kids community, which includes leading academic, business, public health, and technology leaders, becomes your community with this role.

Celebrity and Big Media Rolodex. You will interface at the top levels across them.

Team Management. This position will recruit and manage a team of 1-2 assistants and/or interns.

Kilifi Kids Description:

In 2006, brothers Marc and Michael Olsen created Kilifi Kids to improve education resources in an impoverished Kenyan community around the town of Kilifi. Over time and through experience, a committed group of volunteers found affecting change at scale meant focusing on public health and wellbeing of young kids to maximize their long-term potential. This led the team to provide medication to 10s of 1000s of children. The next step is to empower the community, engage families, and gather and share information using advances in mobile phone penetration and innovation.





Get in Touch:

Want to apply and find out more? Please send your questions, resume, and any portfolio or other relevant links of yourself:

Erik @ Kilifi Kids by emailing:
communications [at] kilifikids [dot] org

Subject line “Publicity Director Volunteer”.

Thank you!