Kilifi Wall

Self Sustainability

One of the principal tenets of Kilifi Kids is self-sustainability, and any project we undertake must be lead by local community leaders who are vested in its outcome.  Mobile health is no exception.  In fact, we are concentrating our energies in this area largely because of the opportunity to generate a profit and/or cost savings that can be re-funneled into the community.

We point to a number of areas in which we hope to maximize our initial investment:

    • Low Cost Solution: Our technical systems will be used by medical personnel on a daily basis and built into Ministry of Health (MOH) processes.  Beyond the first year, maintenance of computer systems and servers will be minimal and undertaken by existing hospital staff and volunteer students from the local higher education institute, Pawani University.
    • Savings on Fuel/Paper: Ongoing costs will be in text messages and phone replacement, which the Ministry of Health will cover.  With less gas and paper costs required for staff, MOH will be able to pay for text messages and phone replacement in a cost-neutral way.
    • Multiple Uses: We are creating a platform for innovation—the tools our project provides are robust enough to be adapted by the health managers in Kilifi to meet a wide array of other health problems.  Medical staff will be able to customize the platform to support new initiatives for future work.
    • Leverage to Others: Our mobile health platform can also be leveraged to other NGOs.  Four other organizations employ CHWs in the Kilifi District and our plans include opening our mHealth system, once established, to these other NGOs who can share in funding and development costs.