The Team

We have an incredible group of leaders and volunteers that make our amazing work happen. We have no paid employees; every minute spent is given from the heart and done in the belief that what we are doing matters. We have benefited from the hands and minds of more than 100 volunteers in Kenya and the United States.

Our volunteers have diverse backgrounds and broad interests. We have doctors, government officials, Internet entrepreneurs, bankers, public health agents, lawyers, consultants, high school students, and hospitalists, to name some professions. Our U.S. headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia but we also have strong support from friends and volunteers in North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Washington, DC, and Wisconsin.

We are fans of all forms of communications whether e-mail, instant messenger, tweet, skype, call, letter, or even the occasional visit to our respective locations across the globe. Our executive committee is divided between professionals from Kenya and UK/USA.

Leadership Team

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Board of Directors

  • 9 Directors

Board of Advisors

  • 5 Directors

Executive Committee:

Carrie Brown Washington, D.C.
Alex Maina Kilifi, Kenya
Jonathan Mativo Kilifi, Kenya
Charles Mbogo Kilifi, Kenya
Pam Evason Milwaukee, WI
Erik Michielsen New York, NY
Moses Kiti Kilifi, Kenya
Marc Olsen Atlanta, GA
Benjamin Tsofa Kilifi, Kenya

Interested in being a part of our dynamic team? We would love to hear your story and talk with you about how there may be a mutual fit with our organization. Give us a holler.