Kilifi - Strange Fruit

Our Success = Innovation + Partnerships + Social Return

We have had remarkable success in our short history. Our projects have provided high school educations to gifted but needy students, educated teachers on how to use computers in their classrooms, built friendships between high school students in different countries, and wiped out parasites for thousands of kids. How we have done this is no secret; our M.O. centers on a few core principles:

Value Partnerships: Our organization is composed of volunteers (no paid staff), and what we do well is only attainable by relying on partners who share in our vision and offer a unique skill set. Our friends/partners on the ground in Kenya are people we trust, so we are confident that program funds are spent judiciously and the job will be done right.

Seek Out Innovation: What gives us scale and impact with our work has been our ability to capitalize on innovation. Today, a de-worming pill can be bought for 4 cents but makes a child well enough to return to school. A text message costs only a fraction of a penny but can be used to quickly and accurately transmit health information, allowing hospital to provide better care. We are constantly looking for easier and cheaper ways to improve health, and we use technology and market opportunities to our advantage.

Measure in Social Return: Our results are not nearly as meaningful if they can’t be measured. We believe that every effort must be taken to maximize donor funding and that we should only invest in those social activities which can deliver a high pay-off. We treat Kilifi Kids as a business and expect our investments to pay high dividends to the community.

Everyday we learn more and are always exploring new ways to improve. We encourage you to learn more about Kilifi Kids and help us do more good for Kilifi and those in need.