Poor African Children

What We’re Doing

Kilifi Kids seeks to maximize social returns and seeks out projects in health that are innovative, scalable, and community-driven.  Our current work in “mHealth” is doing just that, and aims to transform the way health is delivered in Kilifi and throughout Africa.

Thousands of children in Kilifi die each year from malnutrition, but they don’t have to.  Mobile health (mHealth) in Kilifi will leverage two things—the excellent mobile phone network in Kilifi and the network of community health workers (CHWs) who are the front-line of medical care in rural Kenya.  CHWs are the volunteer or paid workers who interact with families and children every day.  If we can improve the care CHWs give, we can save lives.

Our $1 Million Campaign

In keeping with Kilifi Kids’ mission, our solutions must be scalable and, upon successful deployment of our mHealth pilot in Kilifi, we will replicate our model to other health systems throughout Kenya, targeting Nairobi, Mombasa, and other major cities.  We estimate that we need about $1,000,000 to help 500,000 Kenyans in 8-10 sites in Kenya and eastern Africa with our current mHealth solution.  We have given ourselves 3 years to achieve this goal and are already building partnerships with major foundations, corporations, and individuals in support of our plan.  Our aim is not to raise money and set up these mobile systems; rather, it is to significantly reduce child morbidity and mortality, decrease disease incidence, and improve access of care in a measurable and controlled manner.  We believe we can do it, and we can change the way health is delivered.

It is the works now!  Read about our opportunity and exactly what we’re doing over the next six months and beyond.